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Rugby YASUDA. YASUDA never ends.

By crowdfundingResurrectedFounded in 1932rugbyFootballshoesMaker"Yasuda".Simple and sturdy Japanese-made wear "Runbuck".Started order sales with double name.

YASUDA Team uniform Revival!

"YASUDA" and "Runbuck" quietly "reactivate."

The know-how that has continued to make uniforms that require durability is alive and well, and sturdy manufacturing that can withstand heavy use. Compatible with all Lagerman, from full-order to semi-order to reversible jerseys. Available in a wide range of sizes from SS to 4XO and junior sizes. Since there are Sevens for rugby, the minimum order quantity is seven. Other details from the inquiry form below.

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    Japan's first Football brand

    Since 1932

    YASUDA revived The first chapter is From football.
    With YASUDA fans Together Revived in 2018, That new story.


    YASUDA Re-action from here Began

    Sports Health specialized type
    Crowd funding & incubation