History of YASUDA


Founded as Yasuda Shoe Store in Koishikawa, Tokyo

During his training, Shigeharu Yasuda, who mostly made soccer shoes, started working independently at the age of 21.
Customers are nearby the University of Tokyo and Waseda University. He was also a member of the Tokyo University Soccer Club at Keio / Meiji, Normal School (now Tsukuba University).
Rumors such as spikes made by craftsmen with great effort and repairs around the school grounds spread widely, and soccer shoes are called "Sato in Kobe", "Omatsu in Nagano", "Yasuda in Tokyo". become.


Contributing to miracles in Berlin

The Japanese national football team of the Berlin Olympics, later called the miracle of Berlin. Most of the representative members used spikes from Yasuda Shoe Store.


Continue to operate as a military factory

After the Japan-China incident, the world was no longer a soccer field, and leather supplies were no longer available. Since the beginning of the Pacific War, subcontractors have been making shoes for Naval Specialist units.


Full-scale production of soccer shoes

Amid the post-war devastation, Mr. Miyamoto, chairman of the Football Association Equipment Committee at the time, supported the company and started full-scale production of soccer shoes.


Developed Japan's first rubber-bottomed soccer shoes

Developed rubber sole and nylon sole soccer shoes for the first time in Japan. The market at this time was almost exclusively Yasuda.


Tokyo Olympics

As a soccer spike maker, the company has steadily improved its business results, such as launching Japan's first rubber-bottomed soccer shoes in 1960.Only shoes Yasuda and Onitsuka Tiger on land are allowed to open service stations during the competition. Is immovable.
He also received various advice from his father, "Dead Mar Kramer," who was on his way to Japan as a representative coach during this time, including about Germany.


Certified as an official ball? To become a comprehensive soccer equipment manufacturer

For several years, the soccer ball "Eleven Stars" developed and released has been accredited by the Japan Association as an official ball.
Three years later, in 1970, sales of clothing began, and Japan's first artificial leather soccer ball was developed. Judgment tools also began to be manufactured. .


Mexico Olympics

The Japanese national team won the bronze medal, and the first “soccer boom” in the history of Japanese football arrived.


Started manufacturing own-brand soccerwear

Began producing soccerware, and along with it, began producing a variety of soccer-related items such as referee equipment. From this time, YASUDA became a comprehensive manufacturer of soccer equipment.


Contract with Gilles Gino

Signed an advisory contract with Brazilian expert Jail Jinho who worked with Pele at the Mexico World Cup in 1970. Later, a masterpiece "Jairline" bearing his name was born. At this time, the flow of continuous efforts to Dunga (then: Brazilian captain, currently: Brazilian coach), the last contracted overseas player, started.



At this time before the professional soccer league was born, the company fell into a management crisis but renewed its management team and restarted as a new company, "Cricks Yasuda," centered on young employees.


J League opening

Finally, the professional league of the soccer players has been launched. An unprecedented soccer boom has arrived. However, this has led to various soccer goods-related manufacturers entering the Japanese market.


Self-bankruptcy application

The licensing business, which bet on company luck in the World Cup held in its home country, suffered a slump in funding due to slump, and April 30 one month before the opening. Filed for bankruptcy with the Tokyo District Court.


Reprinted with crowdfunding

Successfully reproduced spikes in crowdfunding "ROUTEF". The day he reached the monetary amount was April 30, the day that Cricks Yasuda filed for bankruptcy.


Revived as YASUDA Co., Ltd.

In May 2018, he founded YASUDA Co., Ltd. after success in crowdfunding. The soccer brand "YASUDA" has revived.


Release of the first revival `` YX-2019 ''

In March 2019, the first spike of the revived YASUDA, Inc. launched the "YX-2019" spike.




YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information

YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information



"YASUDA" will be on sale from today, 3/2 (Sat)

YASUDA's new spikes, which have been announced for a long time, will be on sale from today, 3/2 (Saturday). There are two types of shoes. Ligaresta Pro-ex2 The height of the heel has been reduced from the previous model [...]

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