List of articles published in the media

  • サッカーダイジェストに掲載されました

    >>> 自己破産から15年…サッカーシューズの名門はいかにして甦ったのか? 喜びの声から生まれたビジョンとは――

  • Special feature was broadcast on J Sports BOOMER

    A special program of YASUDA will be broadcast on J Sports for one month from April 25, 2020. Representative Sato interviewed us and talked about the story of YASUDA reprint.
    >>>J Sports BOOMER #121

  • Featured in FOOT×BRAIN

    Appeared on FOOT×BRAIN of TV Tokyo broadcast on Saturday, March 21, 2020. On this day, the spike feature was introduced, and while the person in charge of each maker was appearing, he introduced us to YASUDA's soccer spike subscription "Excel Feed".

    >>>From development story to contract! ? Soccer seen from spikes

  • Appeared on "Hiroshi Kume's Radio nandesukedo"

    On Saturday, March 21, 2020, we appeared live on TBS radio program by Hiroshi Kume. From the inside story of the reprint to things related to new spikes and subscriptions, it was a great deal.

    >>> TBS Radio "Hiroshi Kume's Radio nandesukedo" Official

  • YASUDA appeared in FOOT×BRAIN

    YASUDA appeared on FOOT×BRAIN on TV Tokyo on Sunday, March 10, 2019.
    The program title is "FOOT x BRAIN [Spirit Maker YASUDA Miracle Revival]"
    Thank you for watching.

    >>>Pride|FOOT×BRAIN|Katsumura Column

  • Advertisement started on "Sacareko"

    Advertisement has started on the soccer media "Sacareko". We also plan a year-round project.

    ▼Sacareco HP

  • Behind-the-scenes of the revival of "Yasda" was posted on some(z)up

    An interview article of our representative Sato was published in some(z)up.

  • "Resurrection story" was published in Rugby Republic

    YASUDA's "Resurrection story" was published in Rugby Republic.

  • The state of the "Re-do" event conference was posted on some(z)up

    YASUDA's "Restart" event was posted on some(z)up.

  • Published in Nikkan Sports

    The reprint project of YASUDA was introduced in the daily sports newspaper.