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About Spike Shoes

What are the benefits of using kangaroo leather for shoes?
Kangaroo leather is said to be thinner and stronger than cowhide. Another advantage is that the leather is softer and easier to adapt to your feet than artificial leather.
Do all YASUDA shoes use kangaroo leather?
The materials of the shoes are as follows.
・ YX-2019, all kangaroo leather
-Most of the "Innovator Pro" is kangaroo leather, and only the tongue is cowhide
・ "Innovator Pro-ex" kangaroo leather and synthetic leather, shoe tongue is cowhide
・ "Innovator TF" cowhide and synthetic leather
What kind of grounds does the shoe support?
The corresponding grounds are as follows.
"YX-2019" becomes "soil" and "natural grass"
“Innovator Pro” and “Innovator Pro-ex” have become “soil”, “natural grass” and “artificial grass”.
"Innovator TF" is compatible with all types of outerwear.
When did kangaroo leather need to be cleaned?
Yes, kangaroo leather requires regular care. Specific care methods are introduced on this page, so please refer to them.
→ How to care for all kangaroo leather
Which width of YASUDA shoes will be 2E, 3E, etc.?
As for the YASUDA shoes, we have thoroughly designed the wooden pattern to fit Japanese feet.
Compared to a global brand designed based on the shape of Westerners' feet, the width is wider and the foot is made better.
If it were to apply to the standard, it would be "2E", but I think the expression "2E, which is close to 3E" is appropriate.
In fact, compared to shoes that are generally classified as "2E", the actual impression is that you can wear them comfortably and still fit.
Do you have futsal shoes?
"Innovator TF" can be used for futsal on artificial turf. Futsal shoes for indoor play, such as a gymnasium, are currently under planning and development, so please wait for a while. The latest information has been announced to "YASUDA members" in advance, so please register. → Click here for YASUDA member registration

About other products

Can jerseys and training wear setups have different top and bottom sizes?
Is possible. When purchasing, please specify the size you want in the remarks column.
I had a spike subscription
We offer a monthly service for soccer spikes. There is a service introduction page, so please check here for details. → Click here for "Excel Feed"

About purchase

What does online store payment support?
We accept credit card and bank transfer
I can't access the online store
Because online stores need to maintain high security, smartphones such as Android / iOS require the latest version of each OS and browser.
If you are unable to access, please check the device information and update to the latest version.
About shoe repair
Currently, the only repairs that can be made are "YX-2019" sole peeling re-adhesion.

We are very sorry, but we cannot accept "repair of past YASUDA products", "replacement of soles of all products", "repair of leather parts such as upper leather" etc. due to materials and equipment.
If you would like to reattach the peeling of the sole of "YX-2019", please contact us from here.
→ Contact us


When has the company "YASUDA" been there?
Founded in 1932 by founder Shigeharu Yasuda. It is the first soccer spike maker in Japan.
"YASUDA Prologue" Details are described on the page.
I heard that "YASUDA" has gone bankrupt.
Yes, I went bankrupt just before the opening of the Japan-Korea World Cup in 2002.
Why was "YASUDA" revived?
In 2018, fifteen years after the bankruptcy, we revived the YASUDA brand triggered by financing through crowdfunding.
Initially, the goal was to make a reprint spike, but with the requests of many people, we established YASUDA Co., Ltd.
Do you recruit human resources?
At this time, the company has only recently been established and has not yet recruited new employees. Thank you for your interest.

YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information

YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information




このたび、「YASUDA」では、オンラインストアにて、 ・スクウェアバッグ の発売を開始しました。 以前よりご要望が多く、 スポーツやストリートのシーンでもタフに使っていただけるバッグとなります。 >> スクウェアバッグ […]

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