(2) "Yasuda shoes" delivered by bicycle

As "Yasuda in Tokyo"

At that time, Yasuda traveled by bicycle to everywhere. Every day, I take 20 km or more on the night road, work from 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, wake up at 7 o'clock the next morning, and deliver. He wanted to build a human relationship with the players and lead to business by making sure that he also goes to the delivery.

I didn't have a budget, but I didn't even advertise in newspapers or magazines. Nevertheless, former customers will enter local high schools and universities, and orders will come from Hokkaido in the north, Kobe in the west, and Kumamoto. Eventually, transactions started with local retail stores, and the name "Yasuda" gradually became known throughout the country. Speaking of soccer shoe makers at that time, it was "Sato in Kobe", "Omatsu in Nagano" and "Yasuda in Tokyo".

After that, as the number of transactions with sports wholesalers and retailers increased, Yasuda expanded its products to sports in general, such as rugby, hockey, skis and skates, but soccer shoes accounted for 70% of the production. The soccer shoes of that time were completely different in function and structure from now on, and the toecap and the moon shape of the shoes are required to be hard enough to be crushed by humans, and there is no gap when worn. It was considered good shoes. The athletes said that they took the time to adapt their shoes to their feet. Each player's individuality was strong, and some even made detailed orders for how to make shoes. It can be said that Yasuda's shoes were a collaboration between the customer and Yasuda.

Thorough polite work

When transactions with retailers began, the order volume and the number of craftsmen increased. According to the calculation, if all the employees make full production, it will be 40-50 pairs in one day, but in reality it is not so sellable, and most of them were repair requests. At that time, it was usual to use shoes for one year, so Yasuda spent the days traveling around Tokyo, loading repaired items into his rear car, and taking them home. He said to himself and as the slogan of the store, "do honest work without cheating." Shoe stores often work invisible areas. If you want to cheat, you can cheat as much as you want. However, I would like to do a polite job that will increase the image of Yasuda even if I do not make a profit. In the end, he thought it would be profitable.

Five years have passed since the company became independent, and when the name became known as the “Yasuda” soccer shoes and the sales increased, the Nikkei Incident began. The world is no longer about soccer. The distribution of leather will not remain. Since the beginning of the Pacific War, Otsuka shoes have been subcontracted to make shoes for Navy special attack corps.

Prologue list

(1) Shigeharu Yasuda and soccer shoes, independent from the beginning
(2) "Yasuda shoes" delivered by bicycle
(3) Growing into a comprehensive manufacturer of soccer equipment
(4) Birth of Clicks Yasuda and bankruptcy
(5) YASUDA Co., Ltd. revives through cloud funding

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YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information



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