(4) Clicks Yasuda birth and self-bankruptcy

Establish new company due to poor management

Since the 1970s, Yasuda had to struggle due to the offensive of overseas brands. Nevertheless, he did not like the flashy promotion that was considered essential to survive at the time, and focused on targeting junior and senior high school students and conducted steady sales activities. In particular, he focused on the high school championship and proposed color spikes that matched the color of the uniform.

I managed to eat while continuing such activities, but in 1988, before the birth of the J-League, I was ready to collapse Yasuda, who had fallen under management.

However, Yasuda will be reborn as a new company, Clicks Yasuda, with members who love Yasuda.

In a time when mass production was common sense, we took advantage of the small production lots and accepted color orders for spikes that corresponded in pairs.

In addition, other manufacturers tried to enhance the judge's tools that were too thin.

Resuming professional contract but going bankrupt

In 1995, he resumed his contract with professional players.

Contracts were signed with Kashiwa Reysol's Koichi Pillar and Brazil's national team, Jubilo Iwata's Dunga and Atletico Mineiro's Tafarel.

He exchanged opinions with Dunga about the type and structure, and even the series he became the godmother of was born.

But the latest promotions and products from other sporting goods manufacturers have failed to regain their share.

Prologue list

(1) Shigeharu Yasuda and soccer shoes-independent from the beginning
(2) "Yasuda shoes" delivered by bicycle
(3) Growing into a comprehensive soccer supplies manufacturer
(4) Clicks Yasuda birth and self-bankruptcy
(5) YASUDA Co., Ltd. revived after crowdfunding

YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information

YASUDA member registration provides member-limited information and the latest information



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